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EDDY People project is a unique and innovative scheme that Engages, Diverts and Develops Young People.

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The EDDY People project is a well structured and dynamic educational and activity based programme serving Co. Durham and Darlington. It is lead by Durham Agency Against Crime (D.A.A.C.) and Durham Constabulary and supported by a variety of both public and private sector partners.





The EDDY People project has been running successfully since its launch in 2006, having taken over from its highly praised predecessor, Durham Youth Enterprise Scheme.



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 At the heart of the project is the EDDY Students programme that is designed to engage with and develop groups of young people aged 11-16. Those accessing the student programme may have been identified due to being at risk from;

  • A lack of confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of aspirations
  • Crime
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • Poor School Attendance  


The projects aim is to prevent young people from becoming victims of crime or deter them from entering the criminal justice system. 


The project uses a 3 step approach based around education, community and activity.

Education lessons focus on the value of citizenship, negative perceptions of young people, respect and common policing issues.

Community involves improving perceptions of young people through crime prevention initiatives with the elderly and the development of community gardens (HAGGRID).

Challenging activities such as climbing and mountain biking further develop those young people on the project. Activities are a reward for successful participation during the education and community steps.      


The EDDY People project also provides further educational and activity based workshops for young people outside of the student programme through summer workshops, youth centre support and transition events for primary schools.


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